Do Armin and Annie end up together in ‘Attack on Titan?’


In the world of Attack on Titan, where the threat of being devoured by Titans is ever-present, romantic relationships have never taken center stage in the narrative. While love is present in various forms, including familial, friendly, and comradeship, the series often prioritizes more pressing and dire matters given the state of the world.

When romance does come to the forefront, it tends to be of the platonic kind. One notable example is the relationship between Mikasa and Eren, while another intriguing dynamic involves Armin and Annie.

Armin’s feelings for Annie persist throughout the series, despite her spending a significant portion of it encased in a crystal prison of her own making. Armin’s romantic interest in Annie is not solely attributed to inheriting Bertholdt’s memories, as some may speculate. Over the course of four years, Armin’s feelings only grow stronger, leading fans to wonder about the ultimate fate of this pairing.


Spoiler Warning: The following contains spoilers from the Attack on Titan manga and its anime adaptation.

In Chapter 131 of the manga, titled “Rumbling,” which corresponds to part 3 of Season 4 in the anime, Armin and Annie share a significant moment. Annie expresses gratitude for Armin’s companionship throughout the years and questions the motivations behind his actions. Armin indirectly confesses his feelings by expressing his desire to see her. Although Annie attempts to dismiss this as Armin simply being a good person, it is evident that she is affected by his words.

Mikasa also picks up on the romantic tension between Armin and Annie, but unfortunately, their romantic storyline is not explored further. While some fans interpret certain scenes as implying that Armin and Annie are together after the Rumbling, there is no explicit confirmation of their relationship status in either the manga or the anime.

As the anime sometimes deviates from the source material, there was hope that it would provide a definitive answer to whether Armin and Annie become a couple. However, the anime leaves their relationship status ambiguous, with Annie standing close to Armin. Without clear confirmation, it remains impossible to consider their relationship as explicitly canon. While not the most controversial aspect of Attack on Titan’s ending, the lack of clarity around Armin and Annie’s relationship has left some fans unsatisfied.