DIY personalised bookmarks to elevate your reading experience


For book lovers, there’s nothing quite like the joy of diving into a captivating story. What better way to enhance your reading experience than with a personalised bookmark that reflects your unique style?

Let’s explore exciting DIY ideas to create your own personalised bookmarks, ensuring that your literary journey is not only captivating but also accompanied by a touch of your personality.

Photo memories bookmark:


Transform cherished memories into a functional piece of art. Select your favourite photos, whether they’re snapshots of loved ones, travel adventures, or special moments, and laminate them for durability. Attach a ribbon or tassel for that finishing touch.

Initials and monograms:

Showcase your initials or monogram in an elegant and personalised bookmark. Craft it using materials like leather, wood, or even high-quality paper. Add embellishments like beads, rhinestones, or paint to make your initials truly stand out.

Quirky quotes and sayings:

Let your bookmark do the talking with an inspiring or quirky quote. Choose a saying that resonates with you or opt for a famous literary quote. Write it out in calligraphy, print it, or use stylish letter stickers for a chic and motivational bookmark.

Watercolour artwork:

Unleash your artistic side by creating watercolour masterpieces for your bookmarks. Experiment with vibrant colours and abstract designs, or paint scenes from your favourite books. Once dry, laminate for durability and a glossy finish.

Pressed flower elegance:

Bring the beauty of nature to your reading experience with pressed flower bookmarks. Gather delicate flowers, press them between the pages of a heavy book, and then arrange them on cardstock or laminated paper. These bookmarks are not only visually stunning but also bring a touch of the outdoors to your reading nook.

Embroidered fabric bookmarks:

Elevate your bookmarks with a touch of textile art. Choose a sturdy fabric and embroider your favourite designs, patterns, or even your name. Attach a complementary ribbon or embroidery thread for a polished and personalised finish.

Vintage maps and travel:

Fuel your wanderlust by crafting bookmarks from vintage maps or travel-themed materials. Cut out sections of maps from your favourite destinations or use travel-related ephemera. Add a layer of clear adhesive paper for durability, creating a bookmark that speaks to your love for exploration.

Puzzle piece bookmarks:

Upcycle old puzzle pieces by transforming them into whimsical bookmarks. Paint or decorate the pieces, add a ribbon or yarn for a playful touch, and watch as the pieces come together to create a charming bookmark.

Personalised bookmarks not only keep your place in a book but also serve as a delightful expression of your individuality. These DIY ideas are not only enjoyable to create but also add a personal touch to your reading adventures.