Disney Villain’s secret cameo in ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’


Disney films often delight fans with clever and subtle cameos of their beloved characters, and “The Nightmare Before Christmas” follows suit. A vigilant Redditor recently unearthed an intriguing cameo in the movie that has sparked surprise among viewers during their customary holiday rewatch.

In a pivotal scene where Jack Skellington addresses the residents about Christmas Town, a perceptive viewer noticed a mysterious figure amidst the crowd. Standing alongside the Grim Reaper is the cloaked form of the Queen from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” This depiction of the character mirrors her ‘witch’ appearance from the original film, evident in her tattered guise and ominous gaze, akin to her portrayal in the classic Disney animation.

What truly seals the identification of this character is her possession of a red apple, an unmistakable reference to the poisoned apple she infamously used to entice Snow White. This subtle nod serves as a delightful homage to the iconic villain from “Snow White” and creates an interlinked connection between various Disney movies.


It’s another instance of Disney’s knack for inserting playful Easter eggs, offering fans an exciting discovery within the intricate web of their animated universe.