Disney Dreamlight Valley Brings Exciting Updates for Founder’s Pack Owners!


Gameloft has announced a special benefit for owners of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Founder’s Pack. Players who have purchased this early access version of the popular life simulation game will receive the cosmetics from the upcoming Gold Edition for free. This announcement coincided with Gameloft’s decision to indefinitely postpone plans for making Disney Dreamlight Valley free-to-play.

After a 15-month preview period, Disney Dreamlight Valley is set for a full release on December 5. The Founder’s Packs, which grant access to the early access version, will be available for purchase until December 4. These packs come in three tiers, with prices ranging from $29.99 for the base game to $69.98 for the Ultimate Edition.

In addition to early access, Gameloft revealed that all Founder’s Pack owners will receive exclusive cosmetics from the Gold Edition at no extra cost. These digital items include the Flowery Summer Cottage house style, two Artist’s Overalls costumes, and the Flowery Capybara animal companion. Additionally, purchasing any of the three Founder’s Pack tiers will also grant players 2,500 extra Moonstones, equivalent to a $9.99 value of the game’s digital currency.


Similar to previous digital bonuses, these new items will be sent to eligible players through the game’s inbox system. To claim them, players will need to start the introductory Story Quest, where they assist Merlin in clearing out Night Thorns, ultimately earning their own house with a mailbox. Interacting with this mailbox will allow early adopters to claim their Disney Dreamlight Valley Founder’s Packs by December 4, a prerequisite for receiving the Gold Edition cosmetics and 2,500 Moonstones. These additional bonuses are expected to arrive via in-game mail the following day.

This announcement underscores Gameloft’s continued efforts to incentivize Founder’s Pack purchases leading up to the official release of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Prospective players who have not yet acquired the game may want to consider doing so before December 5, especially given the recent confirmation that the life simulation will not transition to a free-to-play model at launch or in the near future. In the meantime, Gameloft will be hosting a detailed Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time showcase on November 1.