Disappointment Among Overwatch 2 Fans Over This Year’s Free Christmas Gift


Blizzard’s unveiling of the free Christmas gift for Overwatch 2 players this year seemed to fall short of expectations for many within the gaming community. While fans generally don’t anticipate grand offerings from the developer during the holiday season, other games under Blizzard’s banner, such as Diablo 4, tend to provide more substantial and appealing complimentary items to their player base.

Amidst Overwatch 2’s ongoing Winter Wonderland holiday event, the game is decked out with festive elements, featuring a cozy holiday-themed main menu and special seasonal skins for various heroes. Despite any disappointment with the Christmas gift, Overwatch 2 continues to maintain its status as one of the world’s most popular games, attracting millions of players who engage with the game on a monthly basis.

For its 2023 Christmas present, Blizzard opted to gift players a free snowflake weapon charm along with the customary holiday message. However, this seemingly trivial gift received a lukewarm reception from the community. Redditor Dinkin shared a screenshot of the message, sarcastically commenting on the company’s minimal effort for the holiday gift, a sentiment echoed by many others in the thread. While players typically appreciate free cosmetics, the insignificance of this particular weapon charm, which isn’t prominently visible during gameplay, led to widespread disappointment.


Despite this setback, Overwatch 2 offers free skins through its Winter Fair Pass, enabling players to unlock season-exclusive cosmetics by merely playing enough games—victory isn’t a requisite to progress. Additionally, players can opt for the premium track for more rewards, and any unclaimed event tickets will be converted into credits for use in the in-game shop, providing a mutually beneficial setup for players.

Beyond the Christmas gift discontent, Blizzard faced criticism for holiday-themed skins, especially those for popular heroes Pharah and Kiriko, which were perceived as mere palette swaps of previous skins. While Blizzard attempts to compensate with unique gameplay bonuses tied to these skins, some players express dissatisfaction, emphasizing the significance of having varied options for character customization.

Despite these grievances, Blizzard remains committed to enhancing its games. Executive Producer Jared Neuss recently highlighted ongoing efforts to improve the Overwatch 2 experience on consoles by implementing crucial quality-of-life changes. While the PC version has historically been preferred for FPS gaming due to the advantages of keyboard and mouse, Blizzard aims to enhance the console experience, acknowledging the community’s desire for improvements.