Director of Constantine 2 Begins to Unravel DC Movie Sequel’s Vision


The prospect of a Constantine sequel has set fans buzzing with excitement, especially as Keanu Reeves is set to reprise his role as the enigmatic exorcist in this much-anticipated project. Director Francis Lawrence has hinted that progress on the sequel is finally gaining traction post-Thanksgiving.

The DC Universe is poised for a rejuvenation, with James Gunn’s roster of upcoming DC films, including revamped iterations of Superman in “Superman: Legacy” and the Dark Knight in “The Brave and the Bold.” However, it’s the impending release of “Constantine 2” that has stirred the most enthusiasm among fans, as it promises Reeves’ return as the iconic chain-smoking paranormal investigator of DC lore.

Reviving the new movie has been an uphill battle, but recent developments have been promising. Lawrence expressed enthusiasm about the creative team’s efforts, stating, “Luckily, we managed to wrangle some control and started working on some ideas for Constantine 2, which we’re really excited about.” He also revealed that due to a hiatus caused by certain challenges, the team plans to reconvene post-Thanksgiving to re-engage with the project and further develop it.


Reeves himself is actively involved as a producer, contributing to the project from its inception. Alongside Akiva Goldsman and Lawrence, Reeves stands as one of the primary creatives involved in breathing life into “Constantine 2.”

In the original film, Reeves portrayed John Constantine, a charismatic and unconventional paranormal investigator who navigates a world where spirits coexist with the living. His journey to secure a place in heaven, despite an impending destiny in hell due to a past suicide attempt, forms the crux of the narrative and leads him into a confrontation with Satan himself.

The roots of Constantine’s character lie in the DC/Vertigo comic “Hellblazer,” and the initial thriller movie stayed faithful to its dark and surreal essence. While the first film performed reasonably well, fans have waited for 18 years for a sequel, heightening anticipation for this upcoming installment.

The idea of Reeves as John Wick but facing demons in the Constantine universe has many excited. With its intriguing premise and Reeves’ involvement, “Constantine 2” stands as a potential contender for one of the most anticipated movies whenever it graces the screens.