Did the Royal Family really delete Prince Harry’s statement confirming his romance with Meghan Markle?


The dynamic between Prince Harry and the Royal Family has been tumultuous for quite some time, marked by Harry’s decision to step back as a senior member and the subsequent fallout with his relatives. Recent developments suggest that tensions may have escalated further, with the Royal Family making a discreet yet significant move: removing a pivotal statement made by Prince Harry regarding his relationship with Meghan Markle from the British Royal Family website.

This decision came to light following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s return from their trip to Nigeria for Harry’s involvement in the Invictus Games. Notably, the statement in question, issued by Prince Harry on November 8, 2016, not only confirmed his relationship with Markle but also condemned the media for its discriminatory treatment towards her. The statement underscored the abuse and harassment Markle endured, citing instances of racism and sexism in the press and on social media.

Prince Harry’s decision to release this statement was a deliberate response to the intense scrutiny and prejudice faced by his partner. In his memoir, Harry revealed that he felt compelled to speak out against the hate and racism directed at Markle, despite being advised otherwise. He described the statement as “strong, precise, angry, honest,” reflecting his determination to defend his wife in the face of adversity.


However, the release of the statement reportedly sparked anger within the Royal Family, particularly from King Charles and Prince William. According to Harry, they were “furious” because the statement highlighted a perceived disparity in how they had handled similar situations with their own partners. Harry suggested that his decision to speak out placed a spotlight on their failure to publicly defend their wives against harassment, which may have led to resentment and tension within the family.

The removal of Prince Harry’s statement from the official British Royal Family website raises questions about the ongoing rift between Harry and his relatives. By erasing this significant piece of history, the Royal Family may be signaling a desire to distance themselves from Harry’s outspokenness and the controversies surrounding his relationship with Meghan Markle. As tensions continue to simmer, the implications of this move for Harry’s relationship with his family remain to be seen.