Did Saturn Assassinate A Major Character Of The Egghead Arc In The Latest ‘One Piece’ Chapter?


The latest fan translations of the One Piece chapter have just been released, and it’s an absolute whirlwind. Luffy’s intense battle with Kizaru has finally concluded, leaving both combatants temporarily incapacitated—Luffy drained of energy, and the formidable Marine Admiral unable to move a muscle. It’s an impressive feat for Luffy to demonstrate his strength against one of the most powerful and swift Marines in the series. Moreover, he’s now poised to face off against one of the Five Elders themselves, a rare and monumental occurrence.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that Jaygarcia Saturn is emerging as the central antagonist of the Egghead Arc. Just a few months ago, Oda unveiled the names and titles of the enigmatic Five Elders, and this marks the first instance we’ve witnessed one of them in active combat since their initial introduction years ago. As anticipated, Saturn’s transformation is nothing short of nightmarish, a visage unlike anything seen in the manga thus far. While the full extent of his newfound powers remains shrouded in mystery, Saturn’s altered form resembles an Ushi-oni, a type of yokai from Japanese folklore, with a body now resembling that of a six-legged spider creature adorned with menacing horns.

Beyond his terrifying appearance, Saturn wields immense power. In a chilling turn of events, after Bonney pierced him in the preceding chapter, Saturn seizes her and seems to exert crushing force within his now colossal hand. It’s a moment fraught with suspense and uncertainty. The question on everyone’s minds: is Bonney still among the living in ‘One Piece’?


Rest assured, by the conclusion of chapter 1095, it appears that Bonney has managed to survive. Though her situation is undoubtedly dire, she remains a significant player in the unfolding Egghead Arc. The chapter ends with a poignant flashback, where Bonney reminisces about her father’s memories—recollections stemming from her interaction with the apparatus in Vegapunk’s lab. This strongly suggests that she has indeed endured Saturn’s onslaught.

Following Saturn’s brutal assault, Bonney retains consciousness just long enough to accuse him of her father Kuma’s alleged murder. Saturn unveils a shocking revelation—that Kuma was a descendant of the “now extinct” Buccaneer race. According to the Elder, Buccaneers are the progeny of individuals who committed a profound transgression against the world.

Bonney recollects her father’s tales of the “legendary warrior of liberation,” Nika, who is destined to rescue the suffering and guide them to freedom. Another poignant flashback portrays Kuma’s father imparting the same legend to a young Kuma, a narrative passed down through generations of Buccaneers. These legends foretell Nika’s return, leading people “out to sea,” where they will finally find their liberation.

Given that Bonney may very well be the last living individual with Buccaneer blood (Kuma’s fate remains uncertain at best), her demise before realizing Luffy’s true identity as Nika would be a premature conclusion. Despite the chapter concluding with her losing consciousness, it’s a safe bet to assume that she’s still alive. However, we’ll have to wait until a future chapter resolves this uncertainty once the flashback concludes. The suspense is certainly at an all-time high.