Did not ask for ceasefire in Gaza: Biden post phone call with Netanyahu


President Joe Biden has said that he did not ask for cease fire in Gaza during his call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“I had a long talk with Netanyahu today [Saturday] and it was a private conversation,” Biden told reporters on Saturday.

In response to a shouted question, the president said, “I did not ask for a ceasefire.”


The White House, in a statement later said the two leaders discussed Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, including its “objectives and phasing.”

Biden “emphasized the critical need to protect the civilian population including those supporting the humanitarian aid operation, and the important of allowing civilians to move safely away from areas of ongoing fighting,” read the statement.

It further said that the leaders discussed the release of all the remaining hostages.

The call between the two leaders came a day after a resolution was passed at United Nations Security Council (UNSC), which called for scaling up aid distribution in Gaza, but fell short of calling for a ceasefire or a pause in weeks-long fighting.