Did Kate Middleton meet Princess Diana?


Upon her father-in-law’s ascension to the throne as King Charles III, Kate Middleton received a notable promotion within the royal hierarchy, transitioning from the Duchess of Cambridge to the Princess of Wales. This elevation marked a significant milestone, as Middleton became the first individual to hold this distinguished title since the beloved Princess Diana, who was the mother of her husband, Prince William.

Middleton’s deep integration into the Royal Family is unmistakable, considering her marriage to the heir to the throne in 2011 and her decade-long romantic relationship with Prince William prior to their wedding. King Charles III’s esteem for Middleton is evident, exemplified by his recent designation of her as his “Royal Companion.”

Amidst this transition and Middleton’s evolving role within the monarchy, one may wonder about her connection to the late Princess Diana. While specific details regarding their interactions remain private, it is likely that they did meet at some point, given Middleton’s close relationship with Prince William and her increasing involvement in royal affairs. However, the nature and extent of their acquaintance remain undisclosed, as the private moments between these two remarkable women are respectfully kept within the confines of their family circle.



Did The Crown season 6 invent its Kate and Diana scene?

If you’re an avid follower of Netflix’s “The Crown” and take its portrayal as an accurate reflection of real-life events, you might believe that Kate Middleton and Princess Diana crossed paths at least once. In a scene from the show’s sixth and final season, set in December 1996, a fictional encounter unfolds between Carole and a teenage Kate Middleton out Christmas shopping, and Diana along with a young Prince William, engaged in charity fundraising. Kate, harboring a crush on William, approaches them and makes a generous donation, prompting a brief exchange between Diana and the budding royal romance. However, this scene is entirely fictional, as Kate and Diana never met in reality. In fact, Kate and William didn’t become acquainted until their time as students at St. Andrew’s University in 2001.

Kate Middleton has openly acknowledged that she never had the opportunity to meet Diana, though she has expressed a wish that her late mother-in-law could have been a part of her life and that of her children. During a public appearance at the Dowlais Rugby Club in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales in April 2023, Kate discussed her engagement ring, which was originally Diana’s and was later given to her by William. Reflecting on the significance of wearing the same ring, Kate expressed gratitude and referred to it as an honor. When the conversation shifted to Diana, Kate confirmed her regret, stating, “I never, sadly, got to meet her.”

In response to a question about how she imagines Diana would have been as a grandmother to George, Charlotte, and Louis, Kate remarked, “She’d be brilliant… We miss her every day.” This sentiment reflects the enduring impact and legacy of Princess Diana, whose presence is felt even in the lives of those who never had the chance to know her personally.