Dicker the Kicker Video: Chargers Go Viral with Hilarious ‘Don’t Be a D—’ Cameron Dicker Pro Bowl Vote Campaign


The Chargers encountered a significant defeat on the field against the Raiders in Week 15, yet in a swift turnaround just six days later, they clinched one of their most remarkable wins off the field, thanks to their outstanding social media promotion.

This triumph had no direct connection to the team’s performance on the field but instead highlighted the Chargers’ content creation team, who struck gold with an exceptional social media campaign. Unlike their previous anime-style schedule release, which humorously targeted opponents, this time, they employed an exaggerated lawyer infomercial approach to boost Cameron Dicker’s chances for the Pro Bowl.

The promotional video, featuring the beloved “Dicker the Kicker,” became an instant sensation, garnering viral attention across NFL fans. Dicker’s captivating performance drew praise for his acting skills, with many noting the commercial’s energetic vibe resembling the style of “Better Call Saul,” a show linked to “Breaking Bad.”


The ‘Dicker the Kicker’ video begins by humorously addressing missed field goals that cost teams victories, then transitions to showcase Dicker’s incredible accuracy and range. He dynamically moves across the screen, playfully “kicking” off words like “missed field goals” and “missed extra points.” The montage of his successful kicks is accompanied by renowned NBA announcer Mike Breen’s iconic “Bang!” shout for each make. A cleverly edited clip of Justin Herbert praising Dicker adds to the video’s comedic charm.

The video’s culmination sees Dicker making his Pro Bowl intentions known with a memorable catchphrase: “Don’t be a d— and let me kick for you at the Pro Bowl.”

The video quickly went viral, amassing 3.4 million views within 14 hours of its release. NFL fans appreciated its chaotic, “I Think You Should Leave”-esque vibe, ensuring Dicker receives ample Pro Bowl votes. This creative addition to the legend of Dicker’s rise to fame adds another entertaining chapter to his story, showcasing the Chargers’ prowess in captivating social media content.


Cameron Dicker stats

Cameron Dicker’s bid for a Pro Bowl spot is further bolstered by his exceptional accuracy as one of the NFL’s most reliable kickers in the 2023 season. As of Week 16, he has made an impressive 19 out of 20 field goal attempts. His only miss occurred during Week 3 against the Vikings, attempting a lengthy 53-yard field goal.

Since his NFL debut in 2022, Dicker has demonstrated remarkable consistency, having missed merely two field goals, both of which were attempts from beyond the 50-yard mark. Despite these longer distance attempts, he maintains a commendable 66.7 percent success rate on kicks from that range, including a notable long kick of 55 yards. This remarkable accuracy and his ability to convert field goals at an exceptional rate, especially from extended distances, showcase his skill and reliability as a top-tier kicker in the league.

Year Team(s) FGM FGA FG% Long XPM XPA XP%
2022 Chargers/Eagles 21 22 95.5 48 24 24 100
2023 Chargers 19 20 95 55 34 34 100