Dick Butkus’ Final Social Media Message Tugs at Heartstrings!


Dick Butkus, the legendary former Chicago Bears player, has passed away, but his vibrant spirit still shone through in his final Instagram post. Despite a career-ending knee injury in 1973, Butkus faced uncertainty about what his life would entail beyond football. He eventually found his niche, engaging in various sports-related endeavors, including expert commentary for sports programs, podcasts, and media.

Acting in sports-centric projects like “Any Given Sunday” and “Hang Time” became another outlet for Butkus’s passion. His involvement with the Screen Actors Guild for over three decades highlighted his enduring connection to the entertainment world. Recently, he expanded his commentary contributions on “Butkus Behind The Line,” a podcast co-hosted by his son, Matt, which delved into significant football news. Butkus’s enthusiasm was frequently shared on his official Instagram, where fans could catch glimpses of his latest episodes. Tragically, his last post indicates that he wasn’t prepared to bid farewell just yet.

Butkus’s love for football was palpable in his final Instagram post. He humorously recounted tying with his son in their weekly sports bets and expressed his anticipation for upcoming NFL games. Sadly, he didn’t have the opportunity to savor the matches.


Although Butkus frequently shared clips of his “Behind The Line” commentary on Instagram, his last post featuring a still image was on September 18. Wearing a Chicago Bears T-shirt, he excitedly announced his appearance on the “Behind The Line” Podcast. His pride was evident as he declared, “Our next guest on the podcast is… me!” The episode, titled “What Would Dick Butkus Do? Wouldn’t Drink The Kool-Aid Quite Yet,” featured what may be some of Butkus’s final recorded words.

In his final days, Butkus was active on X (formerly Twitter), where he shared thoughts on sports, healthy living, and life. His last original tweet on September 30 promoted his son Matt’s Tailgate initiative, which supported The Butkus Foundation’s health-focused programs. Although he didn’t plan on attending events personally, he ensured that the program received attention. And, of course, he maintained his allegiance to The Bears, the team that held a special place in his heart.

Dick Butkus’s legacy lives on through his enduring passion for football and his contributions to the sports world, leaving an indelible mark on fans and fellow enthusiasts alike.