Diamond Expert Reveals the Current Value of Dodi’s Ring for Princess Diana


Princess Diana’s romantic pursuits after her divorce from Prince Charles, particularly her brief relationship with Dodi Al Fayed, have intrigued many, especially after the depiction in Season 6 of “The Crown.” The show, known for blending historical events with creative storytelling, portrayed Al Fayed’s intent to propose to Diana, which aligns with speculation that arose following their untimely deaths in 1997.

Reports confirmed that Dodi Al Fayed indeed bought a ring a day before the fatal car crash that claimed both their lives. A receipt for an engagement ring and a ring with the French translation of “Tell Me Yes” found at their home fueled theories about a planned proposal. However, doubts emerged concerning the ring’s worth, valued around $11,600, significantly less than what Al Fayed had previously spent on an ex-partner, Kelly Fisher, leading to skepticism about its intended use.

For a deeper understanding of the ring’s value today, Nicki Swift consulted Mike Fried, CEO of the Diamond Pro. Fried highlighted the ring’s unique craftsmanship, comprising a 1-carat emerald-cut diamond, surrounding trillion-cut diamonds, and yellow gold accents forming a star shape. He estimated its current worth to be nearly $100,000, emphasizing its distinctiveness and overall appeal.


Interestingly, reports from 1997 suggest Princess Diana was involved in selecting the ring alongside Al Fayed. Alberto Repossi, the jeweler who designed the ring, claimed they had visited the store together earlier, with Diana approving the ring design. Al Fayed subsequently returned alone to purchase it, expressing certainty about Diana’s admiration for it.

In contrast, Princess Diana’s engagement ring from Prince Charles, featuring a sapphire stone, holds a significant place in royal history. Diana, who handpicked the ring, reportedly valued it at around $37,500 when Charles proposed. House of Garrard, the historic jewelers behind the design, revealed its connection to Queen Victoria’s affinity for sapphires, reflecting the royals’ tradition of using sentimental gems in their jewelry.

While Princess Diana’s relationship with Dodi Al Fayed was fleeting, her engagement to Prince Charles and the iconic sapphire ring remain significant parts of her storied legacy, symbolizing different chapters in her life and the enduring royal heritage.