Detroit police makes arrest in connection to Jewish leader’s stabbing case


A suspect has been put behind bars in connection with last month’s stabbing death of Jewish community leader Samantha Woll, investigators are working against the clock to bring murder charges before they legally must release the detainee.

Detroit Police Chief James White announced the arrest in a 3 pm email on Wednesday. The suspect was arrested on the Tuesday night in Kalamazoo, as per Detroit police source, who confirmed it to Detroit News on Wednesday.

“While this is an encouraging development in our desire to bring closure for Ms. Woll’s family, it does not represent the conclusion of our work in this case,” said White in a statement. He added that further details are confidential to ensure the integrity of the important steps that remain.


He continued that the investigators will be working with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office until the conclusion of this investigation.

As per 1991 U.S. Supreme Court decision, the charges must be brought within 48 hours of the arrest unless police can present an emergency reason for holding the person beyond that time period.