Detained plane carrying Indians in France provided clearance post human trafficking probe


A plane carrying more than 300 Indians, which had been detained in France on the suspicion of human trafficking, is cleared to leave after a probe, French authorities have said.

The plane, which was grounded on Vatry, located 150 kms from Paris, airport of France, received green light from the French prosecutors. The clearance was provided after questioning the passengers for two days about the allegations they may be victims of human trafficking.

The Airbus A340 is expected to leave on Monday after the French Civil Aviation Authority secures final approval for departure, with a lawyer for Romania based Legend Airlines saying most of the stranded passengers would be returning to India.


Two passengers were detained by the French authorities as were asked if they had been traveling with any purpose other than the other passenger and “under what conditions and with what objectives.”

Several other passengers have requested asylum in France, according to the local government.