Destiny 2: What Can We Expect From Season 23


Destiny 2’s Season 23, scheduled to kick off around November 28, 2023, and conclude on February 27, 2024, holds significant importance. Not only does it mark the final Season for Destiny 2, but it also stands as a transitional phase leading into The Final Shape era of the game.

This season, serving as a prelude to the introduction of Episodes in Destiny 2, promises the customary elements of a fresh release. Guardians can anticipate a new Season pass, a selection of intriguing Exotics, engaging playlist activities, and a continuation of the seasonal narrative. Moreover, based on previous patterns, players can likely expect the addition of a new Dungeon, as well as the return of some limited-time seasonal events.

Given that Season 23 is the concluding chapter preceding the Final Shape expansion, it’s anticipated that Destiny 2 will tie up any lingering plot threads from the Lightfall expansion. This includes advancing the ongoing Seasonal story, and possibly, players might finally gain access to the remaining unreleased weapons from Lightfall.


Following the conclusion of Season 22’s story arc, Guardians are primed for an epic showdown with Xivu Arath in Season 23. This encounter has been long-awaited by the Destiny 2 community, and despite the recent events setting the stage for this showdown, it is still anticipated to be a formidable battle.

One of the noteworthy features in Season 23 is the introduction of a new Dungeon, accessible to those in possession of the Lightfall Dungeon Key. This Dungeon is poised to introduce a fresh Exotic weapon, along with a range of new Legendary armor and weapons. Specific details about this Dungeon are currently under wraps, including its release date.

Spanning the transition between years, Season 23 is set to encompass Destiny 2’s traditional Dawning and Crimson Days events. While specific details about these events remain undisclosed, players can reasonably expect a mix of new cosmetic items and the return of classic armor and weaponry.

In terms of significant gameplay changes, Season 23 brings the introduction of Gunsmith weapon focusing, laying the groundwork for specialized Gunsmith engrams. This feature empowers players to influence the type of rewards they can receive from the Gunsmith vendor. Initial weapon loot pools available for Gunsmith focusing will include Hakke, Omolon, Suros, and Veist, with more anticipated in future updates.

Additionally, Season 23 heralds the removal of Legendary Shards from Destiny 2’s economy. This modification carries substantial implications for the game’s economic dynamics, especially in tandem with the new Gunsmith focusing mechanic.

Lastly, Season 23 brings two highly anticipated improvements: the ability for players to access their vaults directly from Orbit, and the introduction of the Fireteam Finder feature. While third-party companion apps have enabled these functions, incorporating them directly into the game is expected to enhance their efficiency. The Fireteam Finder feature is particularly noteworthy, as it will offer in-game matchmaking for every activity in Destiny 2, representing a significant step towards integrating popular community resources into the game. These new features arriving in Season 23 promise to be transformative for Destiny 2.