Demystifying Damian Lillard’s Unstoppable Play: The ‘High Horns’ Strategy and Its Potent Effectiveness for the Bucks Star!


It seems like the Bucks have found an incredibly effective play for Damian Lillard in the form of the “High Horns” set. This play, also known as Double High or V, involves two screeners setting up in a V-formation at the logo.

Lillard’s proficiency in this set is attributed to his speed, shooting ability, and decision-making. With screens on both sides of his defender, he has the flexibility to choose his driving direction. The high placement of the screens gives him ample room to make decisions while moving towards the basket. Lillard emphasized that this setup helps him use his speed advantage against bigger defenders.

Additionally, if defenders attempt to cut off his path around the corner, Lillard is skilled enough to change the direction of the play or bring it back towards the center where he has more space to operate. He’s also capable of pulling up for a three-pointer directly from this formation.


The High Horns formation provides Lillard with better visibility of potential passes, although he didn’t need to utilize this as much due to his outstanding scoring performance.

This set was so effective against the Sixers that it was used again in a crucial moment, resulting in a game-sealing and-one play for Lillard.

Given the success, it’s likely that the Bucks will continue to rely on the High Horns set throughout the season. This play seems to perfectly complement Lillard’s skill set and style of play.