Democrats’ new abortion law plan: Urgency to get it on ballots in 2024


In a response to Ohio’s vote on Tuesday to protect abortion rights, Democrats are rushing to get similar measures on the ballot next year in some key states, such as Arizona, Florida, and Nevada – partly to boost President Joe Biden and down ballot Democrats.

Amid the bleak polling on the economy, abortion remains an key issue for the Democrats, that motivate the uninspired voters to help the party stay in the White House.

Voters have now explicitly endorsed abortion rights via ballot initiatives in seven states since the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade last year – in California, Kansas, Kentucky, Vermont, Montana, Michigan, and now Ohio.


The wins in several states have been boosting confidence among the Democrats that similar ballot measures – and candidates who cast the high court’s Dobbs ruling as a government assault on individual rights.

In order to get abortion rights agenda on 2024 ballots in battleground states of Arizona, Florida, and Nevada, is now put on urgency for voting. It has been also been endorsed to Republican-dominated Nebraska and South Dakota, advocates tell Axios.