Deleted Love Actually Scene Enhances the Rom-Com’s Ending


The movie “Love Actually” indeed tends to provoke diverse opinions among viewers, with some loving it for its multiple intertwining love stories set during Christmastime and others expressing dislike or criticism of certain aspects of the film.

Regarding the original ending, it’s true that there’s an alternate ending for a specific storyline in the film involving the character Sam, played by Thomas Sangster. In this alternate ending, Sam’s attempt to reach his crush, Joanna, before she departs involves a more physically exaggerated and unconventional sequence at the airport. He showcases unexpected gymnastic skills, flipping over a security guard and navigating the airport with acrobatics to reach Joanna before her departure.

This alternate ending, although not included in the final cut of the film, brings a different tone to the storyline, injecting an element of surprise and humor through its unconventional approach. The scene adds a level of exaggerated action and playfulness to Sam’s emotional pursuit, contrasting with the more realistic and emotionally grounded nature of the rest of the film.


The decision to exclude this ending might have been due to tonal concerns or the desire to maintain the overall emotional authenticity of the film. While it’s entertaining and amusing in its absurdity, its departure from the film’s established tone could have disrupted the narrative flow or emotional resonance intended for that storyline.

Nevertheless, it remains an intriguing element of the movie’s behind-the-scenes production and offers an alternative perspective on how the story of Sam’s romantic pursuit could have been depicted.