Defending Your Deliveries: 9 Proven Strategies to Outsmart Porch Pirates This Holiday Season

Stay one step ahead of package thieves with these savvy tactics to safeguard your online holiday purchases


As the festive season approaches, so does the threat of porch pirates, the brazen thieves who snatch online orders from doorsteps. With package theft on the rise, consumers are urged to adopt innovative strategies to protect their deliveries. Here are 10 ways to outsmart porch pirates and ensure your packages arrive safely.

1. Deter porch pirates with a video doorbell
Investing in a video doorbell provides a powerful deterrent against porch pirates. Strategically position the device to capture faces and monitor package deliveries. This technology sends alerts to your phone, allowing you to stay vigilant even when away from home.

2. Pick a delivery date
Choose delivery dates when you or someone trustworthy will be home to receive packages. Retailers like Amazon offer specific delivery days, making it easier to coordinate and ensure safe delivery.


3. Sign up for delivery notifications
Stay informed with instant alerts when a package arrives. Services like FedEx and UPS offer text notifications, while Amazon provides shipment updates via text. Being aware of deliveries allows for timely retrieval and minimizes the risk of theft.

4. Talk to your delivery drivers
Build rapport with delivery personnel and request discreet placement of packages if you’re not at home. Keeping deliveries out of sight from opportunistic porch pirates is crucial for preventing theft.

5. Send packages to Amazon Lockers
Opt for secure delivery by using Amazon Lockers, especially in areas prone to package theft. While it may require an extra trip, the added security of retrieving packages from a designated locker outweighs the inconvenience.

6. Add a locking delivery box or a smart mailbox
Install a locking delivery box on your property, ensuring only authorized personnel can access it. Smart mailboxes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity provide real-time alerts and secure access control via smartphone, offering an extra layer of protection.

7. Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery
Enhance security with Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery, allowing packages to be securely placed inside your garage. This service, combined with a smart garage controller, ensures a safe and controlled delivery environment.

8. Monitor nearby package theft reports
Stay informed about local porch pirate activities by joining neighborhood apps like Neighbors and Nextdoor. These platforms often feature community alerts, videos, or images related to package theft, enabling residents to stay vigilant.

9. Request a signature confirmation
Opt for signature confirmation when available, preventing packages from being left unattended. While this may incur additional costs, the peace of mind in knowing your package requires a signature is invaluable.

Key Takeaways:
Package theft poses a significant challenge during the holiday season, impacting both consumers’ festive spirits and their wallets. By adopting these 10 strategies, individuals can proactively defend their deliveries against porch pirates, ensuring a worry-free and secure holiday season.