Decoding the True Meaning of ‘Water’ by Tyla: Our Interpretation!


Tyla Seethal has burst onto the music scene with her track “Water,” which has become a viral sensation, especially on TikTok. The song’s rhythmic beats and choreography have made it a hit, propelling Tyla to prominence.

“Water” is a track that blends pop, R&B, Afrobeats, and amapiano, showcasing Tyla’s unique musical style. The song has achieved significant success, reaching No.1 on Billboard’s U.S. Afrobeats Songs chart.

In terms of lyrics, “Water” is believed to convey a message of intense sexual attraction. Many interpret the references to “water” in the chorus as slang for arousal. The song explores the longing and desire for someone that keeps the singer captivated.


The pre-chorus further delves into this theme, discussing the intensity of attraction and the question of whether the other person will reciprocate. The chorus emphasizes the desire for intimacy. Overall, the song’s lyrics are coded with expressions of passionate attraction, which has resonated with many listeners.

The music video for “Water” amplifies the message of intense attraction. It features steamy scenes and showcases Tyla’s chemistry with her male co-star. The video effectively brings to life the song’s themes of desire and passion.

Tyla’s “Water” has not only made waves on streaming platforms but has also inspired a popular TikTok dance trend. The song’s catchy beats and provocative lyrics have contributed to its widespread popularity. Tyla’s bold and authentic approach to her music and visuals has certainly made her an artist to watch in the music industry.