Davis Cup prize money: How much will winners of 2023 Finals event get?


The Davis Cup isn’t just about securing international glory; it also comes with substantial rewards for both players and teams involved in the competition.

In 2022, Canada emerged victorious, but their fortunes took a dip in the 2023 edition when they were eliminated by Finland in the quarterfinals. Serbia, with Novak Djokovic leading the charge, ousted Great Britain, maintaining Djokovic’s unbeaten streak of 21 matches in the Davis Cup.

“Representing your country always brings immense pressure and inspiration,” Djokovic expressed, acknowledging the unique fervor associated with playing for one’s nation. “After a taxing season, it’s palpable in our physical endurance.”


Curious about the financial incentives? The Sporting News compiled the details of this year’s Davis Cup prize fund, offering insights into who pockets what.

What’s the Total Prize Pool for the Davis Cup 2023?

Reports suggest that the total prize money for the 2023 tournament stands a little over $6.5 million (approximately £5.2 million).

The current prize money contrasts significantly with the origins of the event back in 1900 when players established a contest between the USA and Great Britain. Dwight Davis, one of the players, even financed the trophy out of his own pocket.

The victors of the tournament take home $2.1 million (£1.7 million), a sum exceeding $500,000 (£397,000) more than the runners-up and nearly $1.5 million (£1.2 million) more than teams eliminated in the group stage.

Breakdown of Davis Cup 2023 Prize Money

Here’s a detailed overview of the reported prize money distribution for the Davis Cup 2023, from the group stages through to the finalists and eventual champions.

While the potential earnings from the Davis Cup may not match those from the latter stages of singles competitions in major Grand Slam tournaments, the significance of the Davis Cup for the participating athletes extends beyond monetary gains.

“I’m honored to once again represent my national team,” remarked Djokovic, highlighting the tournament as one of his “pinnacle aspirations” of the season. “The Davis Cup has a rich historical legacy, spanning over a century, and remains the most prestigious team competition in tennis for nations. It’s the ultimate triumph for any tennis-playing nation.”