Dave Bautista’s Tease Sparks Excitement Among DCU Fans


It’s true that the public and fans often scrutinize every move of Hollywood stars, especially when there are connections to major directors or franchises. In the case of Dave Bautista parking in James Gunn’s spot, the internet speculation machine went into overdrive, linking it to a potential role in the DC Universe given Gunn’s involvement with DC projects.

Bautista’s previous collaboration with Gunn in the Guardians of the Galaxy films has naturally fueled the rumor mill about his potential involvement in a DC movie, possibly playing a villain. Fan theories have suggested various roles, primarily focusing on Batman villains like Bane or Hugo Strange. However, Bautista himself has expressed reservations about taking on a younger actor’s role, effectively ruling himself out as Bane.


The suggestion of portraying Hugo Strange seems intriguing to many fans. It represents a departure from the physically dominant roles Bautista is known for, giving him an opportunity to explore a different aspect of his acting abilities. Hugo Strange’s character, particularly as a sadistic doctor conducting experiments in Gotham City, could allow Bautista to showcase a different, more ominous side of his acting talent.

However, despite the excitement and speculations, Bautista has openly expressed his desire to move away from action-oriented roles and wishes to be seen in a different light in the industry. This might indicate a reluctance to delve back into the superhero genre, even for a short stint as a villain, as it might distract him from pursuing more serious and substantial roles in the film industry.

Ultimately, while fan enthusiasm and speculation are understandable given Bautista’s talents and potential fit for various roles, his personal career aspirations and desire for a different trajectory in acting might influence his decisions regarding future roles in superhero or action-themed movies.