Creative Pokémon Fan Crafts Stunning Artwork Featuring Their Team from ‘Pokemon White


The fervor and dedication of Pokemon fans never cease to amaze, and a recent showcase on social media by a Pokemon White player illustrated this perfectly. This enthusiast took to their artistic skills to craft a stunning representation of their formidable team from the Unova region, showcasing their six powerful Pokemon in an art style reminiscent of the iconic visuals seen in the Pokemon series.

Released back in 2010, Pokemon Black and White marked the fifth generation of Pokemon games, introducing players to the Unova region, a departure from the usual Japanese-inspired settings. Instead, Unova drew inspiration from the landscape and essence of New York City and its surroundings. The games’ cover art vividly contrasted the versions, with Pokemon White featuring the dark-toned Electric-type Pokemon, Zekrom, symbolizing the duality prevalent in the Unova region.

Within the expansive world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk expansion, one devoted player, ImBigDave, chose to honor their Pokemon White journey by artistically depicting their team on Reddit. The intricately hand-drawn artwork, reminiscent of the style attributed to Pokemon series artist Ken Sugimori, showcased ImBigDave’s roster: Klinklang, Archeops, Haxorus, Darmanitan, Serperior, and Seismitoad, set against the backdrop of the Unova region map. Each Pokemon exuded an aura of strength and battle-ready spirit, reflecting the team’s prowess.


ImBigDave’s team comprised solely of Pokemon originating from Pokemon Black and White, displaying a deliberate avoidance of duplicate types across the team lineup. This strategic diversity in types and moves rendered ImBigDave’s lineup a formidable force in any competitive battle scenario. However, for players in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet attempting to replicate ImBigDave’s esteemed team, it proved impossible. Only Serperior and Haxorus from ImBigDave’s roster were available in The Indigo Disk DLC, leaving the rest of the team, including Klinklang, Archeops, Darmanitan, and Seismitoad, absent in the ninth generation of Pokemon.

Despite the unavailability of some team members in the current generation, ImBigDave received accolades from fellow Redditors for his homage to his Pokemon White team, beautifully recreated in a recognizable art style. This stands as yet another testament to the enduring creativity and passion of Pokemon artists within the community, perpetuating the wonder and admiration for Pokemon through diverse and captivating fan art.