Creative Pokemon Enthusiast Crafts Imaginative Evolution for Kricketune!


A passionate Pokemon enthusiast recently showcased their creative vision of a potential evolution for Kricketune, complete with types, stats, and abilities in a social media post. Fellow Pokemon fans lauded the artist for their innovative design and the naming of Kricketune’s hypothetical evolution.

Kricketune, known as the Cricket Pokemon, initially debuted alongside its pre-evolution, Kricketot, in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Despite being a rather unremarkable Bug-type Pokemon in terms of statistics and moves, Kricketune’s iconic cry of “de-le-le wooooooop” has gained a cult following among Pokemon enthusiasts, evolving into a popular meme. This unique cry was even referenced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, as an Alpha Kricketune encountered in Hisui emitted the distinctive sound. However, despite its popularity, Kricketune’s base stat total of 384 positions it as one of the less potent Bug-type Pokemon.

Despite its limitations, a dedicated Pokemon trainer took it upon themselves to grant Kricketune a significant boost by envisioning a new evolution. Shared on Reddit by user EliDwebster on the r/pokemon subreddit, they presented their creation called Kricketrello. This user, known for previous works involving new evolutions for Pokemon like Cacturne, bestowed upon Kricketrello the dual Bug and Ghost typing, along with fresh abilities and moves to unleash havoc on opponents. Kricketrello’s design retained the red musical motif of Kricketune while introducing black-and-white accents to its cello-shaped structure. Its appearance was enhanced with a ghostly countenance featuring floating batons, horns, and a sinister mustache, embodying a more menacing demeanor. The name “Kricketrello” was crafted in harmony with the musical themes associated with the Kricketot evolutionary line, drawing from the Italian term “trillo,” denoting a rapid sound vibration.


The shiny variant of Kricketrello deviated from the original red hues, adopting a haunting purple color scheme that amplified its eerie allure. Moreover, the user granted Kricketrello the abilities of Swarm and Technician while introducing a new ability and move tailored specifically for this evolved form. The move “Requiem Knife” would serve as the catalyst for Kricketune’s evolution into Kricketrello, dealing additional damage to sleeping Pokemon in exchange for awakening them. The “Sharp Rhythm” ability transformed all slicing moves of Kricketrello into sound-based attacks, also inflicting a 15% chance of inducing the Sleep status condition. The user received praise from the Pokemon community for their imaginative contributions.

Despite their prevalence in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Kricketot and Kricketune continue to occupy lower tiers in Paldea. Whether these Cricket Pokemon will receive a reevaluation or an official evolution in future Pokemon games remains uncertain, leaving fans intrigued about their potential future in the Pokemon universe.