Cracking the peel: Inside the viral orange peel theory trend taking TikTok by storm


TikTok, the social media powerhouse, has once again sparked a viral trend that has left countless couples reaching for oranges and putting relationships to the test. The Orange Peel Theory has taken the platform by storm, with girlfriends worldwide using a simple orange as a litmus test for their partners’ love. From playful banter to relationship revelations, this unexpected trend has captivated millions.

Let’s dive into the origins of the Orange Peel Theory, its viral journey on TikTok, and the debate it has sparked about the fairness of relationship tests.

The TikTok Phenomenon:


TikTok is no stranger to viral moments, from Stanley cup obsessions to the chamoy pickle craze. The latest sensation, however, revolves around a seemingly innocent task – peeling an orange. The trend appears to have originated from a video by TikTok user Shelby (@Shelbyywilfong), known for creating entertaining content with her partner.

In the now-famous video, Shelby expresses her desire for an orange but laments the messiness of peeling it due to her manicured nails. Her boyfriend’s response, a nonchalant “Tough luck buddy. Go ahead and peel it,” sparks a unique trend that has since garnered over 23 million views and thousands of horrified comments.

The Test Goes Global:

What started as a playful interaction between Shelby and her boyfriend has evolved into a global phenomenon. Thousands of women are now trying out the Orange Peel Theory, sharing their experiences and, in some cases, exposing the dynamics of their relationships. TikTok is flooded with videos depicting boyfriends’ reactions, ranging from laughter to exasperation.

However, the authenticity of these videos is under scrutiny, with viewers questioning whether some are staged for dramatic effect. The acting in some clips adds a layer of mystery to the realness of the tests, blurring the lines between genuine relationship dynamics and staged content.

Relationship Expert Weighs In:

As the trend continues to gain momentum, sex and relationships psychologist Charisse Cooke has offered her insights into the Orange Peel Theory phenomenon. Speaking to Vice, Cooke emphasises the potential unfairness of relationship tests, citing the lack of consideration for context, personalities, and intentions.

While Cooke acknowledges that relationship tests can be useful in drawing attention to unhealthy or problematic aspects of a relationship, she cautions against relying solely on such tests. Instead, she encourages open communication and addressing issues directly to foster a healthier relationship dynamic.

The Orange Peel Theory has become the latest sensation to sweep through TikTok, providing both entertainment and food for thought on relationships. Whether it’s a lighthearted test of love or a staged performance for the camera, the trend has sparked conversations about the dynamics of modern relationships. As the debate over the fairness of relationship tests continues, one thing is certain – TikTok has once again proven its influence in shaping viral trends that capture the attention of millions worldwide.