Coronation Street fans predict heart-wrenching Peter Barlow twist!


Viewers of Coronation Street are speculating about the potential reason for Peter Barlow’s departure from the show. In the latest episode, which aired on October 25, 2023, Peter received a positive update from the police, seemingly indicating a turn of events in his favor.

However, fans are concerned that there might be more trouble ahead for the beloved Corrie veteran. Some have suggested that Peter’s exit could be tied to a tragic event, with speculations ranging from a possible relapse to a devastating outcome.


One viewer wondered if the show’s producers might be leading Peter’s character towards a storyline involving suicide, particularly considering his emotional struggle after the incident involving Stephen. Another questioned how Peter would exit the show if not through imprisonment.

There are also hopes that Peter’s departure will not be permanent, with fans expressing a desire to see the character return in the future. Despite their concerns about Peter leaving, some viewers have also expressed frustration with certain characters on the show for their actions.

As viewers await the next episode of Coronation Street, the fate of one of the show’s most beloved characters remains uncertain. The speculation surrounding Peter’s exit has added an air of anticipation to the upcoming storyline.

Coronation Street airs hour-long episodes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8 pm on ITV, with the option to catch up on episodes via ITVX. For those eager to learn Peter’s ultimate fate, the next episode is not to be missed.