Coraline 2 release date speculation: When to expect the new season?


The release date for Coraline 2 remains uncertain, even though scaring children may seem unconventional, few films have executed this concept as masterfully as Coraline. This stop-motion marvel introduced Laika, an emerging studio, to the cinematic landscape. Coraline weaves a dark narrative of a manipulative fantasy realm, where the protagonist, a young girl named Coraline, stumbles upon a parallel dimension. In this alternate reality, replicas of her parents provide her with every desire, quickly plunging the story into the realm of chilling horror.

Helmed by stop-motion virtuoso Henry Selick, Coraline emerged as one of the standout animated features of the 2000s. Many argue it holds the title for the finest horror film tailored for children. Given this success, it’s only natural to anticipate a sequel. However, official confirmation or a release date is still pending. Nevertheless, here’s what we know about Coraline 2 so far.


What is the Coraline 2 release date?


While there’s been no official announcement regarding Coraline 2, it’s unlikely we’ll see a sequel before 2023 at the earliest.

Although this might feel like quite a wait, it’s important to understand the reasons behind the delay. The team behind Coraline has been cautious about rushing into a sequel, prioritizing the development of a compelling narrative. Laika CEO, Travis Knight, has made it clear that he’s generally not inclined towards making sequels. Similarly, director Henry Selick has indicated that a sequel would only be considered if it could offer a story that surpasses the original. Neil Gaiman, the book’s author on which the movie is based, has echoed these sentiments, emphasizing that any sequel would need to bring forth a superior concept.

For Coraline 2 to become a reality, it hinges on Gaiman crafting a fresh and superior narrative within the same universe, which Selick must also find compelling. Even if all these elements align, the meticulous nature of Laika’s stop-motion animation style means that production would likely extend over several years. Considering that Laika’s next film, “Wildwood,” is slated for release in 2025, Coraline 2 remains a distant prospect.


What will Coraline 2 be about?

For the potential plot of Coraline 2, one can anticipate a revisit to the enigmatic Other World, where Coraline might face another harrowing encounter with the formidable Beldam. This time, the focus could shift towards an older, more seasoned Coraline.

In this envisioned sequel, the Beldam would likely need to devise a new, more intricate scheme to ensnare Coraline, possibly driven by a desire for retribution or an attempt to find an escape route. One of the core appeals of Coraline lies in its exploration of the eerie and shadowy depths of the Other World. It’s conceivable that a new parallel dimension could be introduced, offering a fresh backdrop for Coraline’s adventures. Nevertheless, one can expect the manipulative and sinister Beldam – an iconic movie villain from the 2000s – to resurface, intent on causing upheaval for our resilient heroine.

As for Neil Gaiman’s original source material, there isn’t an existing sequel in book form to draw inspiration from. Gaiman himself stated in a tweet in 2021 that he’s patiently awaiting a Coraline narrative that equals or surpasses the original before considering any sequel. This sets an exceptionally high standard, implying that any potential sequel would need to exceed the already stellar reputation of one of the standout movies from the 2000s. The bar has been set quite high indeed.