Controversy in Beverly Hills: Million Dollar Listing Star Challenges Affordable Housing Plan

Josh Altman Voices Concerns Over Lack of Space and Economic Viability


A recent ruling by a California judge has stirred controversy in Beverly Hills, as residents are now facing restrictions on home renovations until the city addresses its lack of affordable housing. However, “Million Dollar Listing” star Josh Altman is challenging the plan, arguing that while adding more affordable housing sounds good in theory, it’s ultimately “hurting” residents.

The ruling, issued by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Curtis A. Kin, temporarily suspends Beverly Hills’ ability to issue new building permits, effectively halting any renovations for mansion owners in the area. Altman voiced concerns about the feasibility of the plan, highlighting the city’s struggle to find suitable locations for affordable housing units.

Altman emphasized the luxurious nature of Beverly Hills, known for its high-end amenities and prestigious lifestyle. He questioned the practicality of adding affordable housing units amidst iconic landmarks like Rodeo Drive and luxury boutiques, suggesting a lack of available space for such developments.


Moreover, Altman raised economic concerns, pointing out the challenges in making affordable housing projects financially viable for developers. He emphasized the need for incentives and zoning changes to encourage the construction of affordable housing units that are economically feasible.

Despite efforts by the city to propose affordable housing plans, Altman noted that California has repeatedly rejected them, citing concerns about their feasibility. He expressed frustration over the impact on residents who have invested significant sums in their homes and are now unable to carry out renovations.

Pending an appeal of the judge’s decision, Beverly Hills will continue to grapple with the issue of affordable housing while facing pushback from residents and stakeholders like Altman, who argue for a more practical and sustainable approach to addressing the housing crisis in the city.