Controversy Erupts as Fans Believe Matt Rife Crossed the Line in His Provocative Netflix Special


Comedian Matt Rife, known for his rise to fame through social media platforms like TikTok and various controversial incidents in his career, recently released his debut Netflix comedy special, “Natural Selection.” While he has achieved success with sold-out shows worldwide, his latest project faced significant backlash, especially regarding one particular joke that resonated poorly with viewers.

In “Natural Selection,” Rife opens with a joke about domestic violence, a choice that immediately drew criticism and disapproval from many fans. This attempt at humor about a sensitive and serious topic caused outrage, prompting social media users to condemn Rife’s decision to include such material in his special.

Viewers took to platforms like Twitter to express their disappointment and anger, highlighting their dismay over Rife’s use of a domestic violence joke, especially considering his predominantly female fanbase. Additionally, Rife’s response to the backlash added fuel to the fire. His attempt at an apology through an Instagram post, redirecting followers to a misleading link for “apology,” was seen as disingenuous and disrespectful, leading to accusations of promoting ableism along with misogyny.


Rife’s career has been marred by controversies even before this incident. His public remarks about his relationship with Kate Beckinsale and comments made during a podcast appearance in which he crudely discussed women’s bodies have previously landed him in hot water. Social media users have consistently criticized him for his derogatory and offensive views on women, labeling him as misogynistic.

Despite the uproar from fans and criticisms surrounding his behavior, Rife has shown indifference towards the constant backlash. In an appearance on “Cancelled with Tana Mongeau,” he openly expressed his lack of concern about hurting people’s feelings, indicating a dismissive attitude towards the outrage he incites.

The pattern of controversial statements and incidents throughout his career has contributed to a negative public perception of Matt Rife, with many viewers and followers expressing disappointment and disapproval of his behavior and jokes, particularly when addressing sensitive topics like domestic violence and women’s bodies.