Connecticut Castle with Fascinating History and Luxurious Features Seeks a Buyer


An exceptional castle situated on a vast 75-acre estate in Woodstock, Connecticut, has captured attention due to its intriguing history and opulent design. Originally purchased in 2003 for $167,500 by Christopher Mark, the great-grandson of prominent steel magnate Clayton Mark, the expansive property boasts an 18,000-square-foot castle that was completed in 2010.

The castle’s grandeur is evident through its impressive features, including nine spacious bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, three half-bathrooms, and an astonishing 12 fireplaces. Furthermore, it offers an auditorium equipped with a raised stage, adding a unique touch to its luxurious amenities.

A noteworthy aspect of the interior is the use of wood floors crafted from 25 distinct species of hardwoods, carefully imported from various locations across the United States. Overlooking a picturesque 30-acre pond, the castle provides a stunning view that complements its architectural excellence.


The property has embarked on an intriguing journey through the real estate market over the years. Initially listed in 2014 for a substantial $45 million, the castle experienced shifts in pricing and market presence. After a year on the market, its listing was temporarily removed. However, it reemerged in 2021 with a price tag of $35 million, only to be withdrawn again. In 2022, the property returned to the market, this time listed at an astonishing $60 million. Over the course of this year, its price has undergone several adjustments, with discounts bringing it down to $35 million, then $29.9 million, and finally arriving at its current listing price of $26 million.

With its rich history, luxurious features, and scenic surroundings, the castle in Woodstock, Connecticut, offers a unique opportunity for potential buyers seeking an extraordinary residence that marries architectural magnificence with captivating tales of the past.