Concerns Arise Among Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Players Over Escalating Cheating Issues


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players are expressing mounting concerns over the prevalence of cheating in the game’s multiplayer mode, despite efforts to tackle the issue. Since mid-November 2023, over 23,000 accounts have faced bans due to cheating, but players feel the current anti-cheat measures, including updates to the Ricochet system, are insufficient to curb cheating effectively.

Amidst Modern Warfare 3’s Season 1 and its ongoing “CODMAS” event offering holiday-themed rewards and modes, such as festive reskins of popular maps and new gameplay twists, cheating remains a persistent problem for many players during the holiday season. The situation has led to frustration among the community members, who perceive cheating as detrimental to their gaming experiences.

Damn so many banned accounts in one month, some on this subreddit have been right. The cheating is out of control …
byu/Youngstown_Mafia inModernWarfareIII


Concerns regarding cheating in Modern Warfare 3 were voiced in response to a tweet from the official Call of Duty Updates account, with players like Youngstown_Mafia emphasizing that cheating is spiraling “out of control.” Despite the significant number of account bans, reports of cheaters using aimbot software and other unfair advantages continue to arise. Additionally, dissatisfaction lingers over the reporting systems, as some skilled players allegedly face wrongful bans due to reports, worsening the gaming atmosphere.

Despite the bans, the number of affected accounts is deemed a fraction of the game’s active player base across consoles and PC. Nonetheless, there’s hope among some players that increased anti-cheat efforts, including machine learning detections, will expedite the identification and removal of cheaters in Modern Warfare 3.

The prevalence of cheating remains a crucial and passionate issue within the Modern Warfare 3 community, with players urging Sledgehammer Games to improve the game’s multiplayer experience in upcoming updates and seasons. Effective measures against cheating could potentially boost player confidence and support for both Modern Warfare 3 and the upcoming Call of Duty installment in 2024. A reduction in cheating incidents is seen as pivotal for sustaining player interest and commitment to the game in the long run.