Completion of connecting fourth station in Barakah to UAE electricity network announced


The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation announced the completion of the process of connecting the fourth station within the Barakah peaceful nuclear energy plants to the UAE’s electricity grid. The connection was made by its operating arm, Nawah Energy Company, per the highest standards of safety and quality, which means producing the first megawatt of clean electricity from the fourth station reactor and connecting it to the network, which is a major step that contributes to the process of transitioning to clean energy sources in the country and reaching… Climate neutrality by 2050.

The fourth station will add another 1,400 megawatts of clean electricity to the UAE’s network, in another important step forward within the country’s efforts that aim to enhance network stability and ensure energy security by providing carbon-free electricity around the clock. The specialized work teams at Nawah worked closely with the Abu Dhabi Transmission and Control Company (TRANSCO), a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA), which built the overhead lines to connect the Barakah nuclear power plants to the Abu Dhabi grid, ensuring the delivery of the energy produced by the plants. Barakah is safely available to consumers across the UAE.

Connecting the fourth station to the network will enhance the role of Barakah stations in achieving the goals of the country’s strategic initiative for climate neutrality 2050, and contribute significantly to the development of a diverse portfolio of clean energy sources in the country. It also contributes to supporting the UAE’s efforts to achieve its ambitious climate goals, and consolidates the country’s leadership position. In the nuclear energy sector and reducing the carbon footprint; Moreover, the operational readiness of all four plants at Barakah confirms the UAE’s commitment to diversifying its energy sources and ensuring the reliability and sustainability of its energy sector over the next six decades.


His Excellency Mohammed Al Hammadi, Managing Director and CEO of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, said: Another important achievement has been achieved at the Barakah plants, and it serves as a testimony to the pioneering role of the United Arab Emirates in developing multiple nuclear power plants with large production capacity. Al Hammadi added: Connecting the fourth station in Barakah to the UAE electricity grid brings us closer to commercial operation of all four stations, and thus the ability to produce 40 terawatt-hours of clean base load electricity annually, in order to support the development of a carbon-free economy in the country, which provides advantages.

Competitiveness for many local companies, in addition to reducing the carbon footprint of industries where this is difficult, and developing a role model for the entire nuclear energy sector. The fourth station is approaching the start of commercial operation, and after being connected to the grid, the station will undergo a process of gradually raising the power levels in the reactor, known as the “step-up energy test”, during which the process will be monitored and tested continuously until the maximum electricity production is reached, while adhering to all requirements. Local regulatory and the highest international standards for safety, quality and security.

Each Barakah station was connected to the network more efficiently than the previous station, as the knowledge and experiences gained are applied to each subsequent station. The third station was operated four months faster than the schedule for the second station, and five months faster than the schedule for the first station, which indicates There is great benefit in building multiple stations within a phased schedule.

Thanks to the success achieved by the Barakah plants, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation is launching pioneering initiatives aimed at developing the future of clean energy, and by focusing on the development of nuclear technologies, including large and miniature reactors through the “Advanced Nuclear Energy Technologies Programme”, the corporation seeks to strengthen its position. The UAE is distinguished in the field of climate action and the transition to clean energy sources. This strategic direction of the Corporation supports the UAE’s contributions to global efforts to reduce the carbon footprint, as well as harnessing the potential of advanced nuclear technologies to meet the world’s growing energy needs in a sustainable manner.