Cocreator: Microsoft just made Paint relevant again

Everything that you need to know about Microsoft’s Cocreator


The controversial Recall feature has been the main focus of Microsoft’s recent Copilot+ announcements, but another AI innovation, Cocreator, is also drawing attention, especially for its impact on Microsoft Paint.


Cocreator: Revitalizing Paint

Cocreator is an AI feature designed to transform quick sketches and text prompts into more realistic and impressive images in real time. While it might require some patience to achieve the desired result, providing detailed instructions enhances the output quality.


Key Features of Cocreator

  • Layers, Cocreator, and Image Creator Options: Located at the top right of the interface, these options offer different functionalities. Image Creator generates an image solely based on text input, while Cocreator combines your sketches and text to produce the image.
  • Creativity Slider: This feature allows users to adjust the image quality, offering flexibility in the final output.
  • Style Drop-Down Menu: Users can select from various styles such as Charcoal, Digital Art, Oil Painting, Watercolor, Pixel Art, Anime, Photorealistic, or Ink Sketch, providing a range of artistic options.

An editor who attended the event noted the impressive responsiveness of the Creativity slider and the quick generation of images, making Cocreator a valuable addition to Paint, which has often been overlooked.


Cocreator vs. Microsoft Designer

Cocreator can be seen as a simpler version of Microsoft Designer but still offers robust functionality. The downside is that Cocreator requires a Copilot+ PC equipped with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU).

Hardware Requirements

Despite the potential capability of current GPUs or CPUs to handle this feature, Microsoft has restricted Cocreator to its new Copilot+ PCs, emphasizing the exclusivity and advanced hardware integration of these devices.

Cocreator is set to make Microsoft Paint relevant again by leveraging AI to enhance user creativity in real-time. However, its exclusivity to Copilot+ PCs means that users will need the latest hardware to take advantage of this innovative feature.