CIA director with Mossad head meet Qatari Prime Minister to discuss hostage situation in Gaza


The CIA and Mossad chiefs met the Prime Minister of Qatar on Thursday in Doha to discuss the parameters of a deal for hostage releases and a pause in Hamas – Israel war in the Gaza Strip, source briefed on the meeting, as reported by Reuters.

The outcome of the talks was unclear.

Qatar, where several Hamas political leaders are based, has been leading efforts to mediate between Israeli officials and Hamas regarding the release of hostages abducted and take to Gaza when they attack Israel on October 7th.


In response to the assault by Hamas, Israel launched a relentless bombardment of Gaza and last month launched an armored invasion of the enclave, where over 10,000 people have now been killed, 40% of them being children, as per Palestinian officials.

In Qatar, the PM Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman al-Thani met the head of Israel’s Mossad intelligence service, David Barnea, and CIA Director William Burns, on Thursday, after the Qatari mediators met the officials of Hamas on Wednesday night to discuss the potential parameters of a deal.