Christopher Nolan’s Annual Viewing of a Surprising Christmas Classic


Ever pondered about the favorite movies of top-tier directors? It’s a curiosity we share. There’s something captivating about discovering the preferences of great minds in cinema. This holiday season, we’re peeking into Christopher Nolan’s film choices, and we’re quite surprised by his selections.

Every year, Christopher Nolan, renowned for crafting exceptional movies, swaps his director’s hat for a Santa cap and settles in to savor the Christmas classic, Love Actually.

As revealed by The Hollywood Reporter’s insights from the Oppenheimer cast, Nolan and his family have made it a tradition to indulge in this film every festive season. It might raise eyebrows, yet as Emily Blunt notes, “He watches every single movie, of every type of genre.”


Love Actually, a film characterized by its ensemble cast and feel-good narrative, draws parallels to ensemble pieces like ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘New Year’s Eve,’ featuring a multitude of recognizable faces plastered on the movie poster.

For those who’ve experienced Love Actually, opinions often swing between dismissing it as overly sentimental or embracing its rewatchable, snug charm. While we appreciate it despite its cringe-worthy moments, the revelation of Nolan’s participation catches us off guard.

However, this shouldn’t be shocking. Creating monumental epics doesn’t preclude someone from relishing cinematic comfort food occasionally.  Nolan’s taste extends beyond Christmas films to include the adrenaline-pumping, seemingly mindless thrills of the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise. Could this be the inspiration behind the wild car chase scene in ‘Tenet’?

Possibly so, yet Blunt asserts Nolan’s broad appreciation for filmmaking efforts across genres. “You never hear him disparage other people’s movies. He knows how hard it is to direct a great movie.”

This perspective aligns perfectly. Nolan’s ascent to becoming one of the foremost directors is intertwined with comprehending the arduous journey of crafting exceptional films.

Are you considering adding Love Actually to your holiday viewing list? Or perhaps exploring other top romantic comedies or recent releases available for streaming? Whatever your choice, may it bring you joy! While we might revisit the finest Christopher Nolan movies, Love Actually will undoubtedly precede them.