Chris Evans Makes Instagram Return, Championing Support for Homeless Shelter Dogs


Chris Evans, known for his iconic portrayal of Captain America, has delighted his extensive Instagram following after a hiatus by returning to the platform. His 18.9 million followers eagerly anticipated his reappearance, considering he was last active on the platform in May 2023. Evans’ comeback post didn’t focus on film promotions; instead, it highlighted his support for a noble cause – aiding homeless shelter dogs.

Expressing his passion for philanthropy and his love for animals, Evans used his reach to raise awareness about Animal Haven, a shelter based in New York City, where numerous dogs await adoption. In a heartwarming clip, he introduced Tiffany Lacey, Animal Haven’s executive director, who outlined the organization’s commitment to providing the best care for their dogs.

The Instagram post centered on Evans’ gratitude, especially towards dogs, during Thanksgiving. He celebrated the successful adoptions of these dogs while mentioning that they were provided with a year’s worth of food and treats from @thinkjinx. Fans flooded the comments section with love and appreciation for his dedication to supporting animal rescues.


Evans has always been vocal about his affection for dogs, particularly his own beloved companion, Dodger. Their bond began while filming “Gifted” in 2017 when Evans encountered Dodger at an adoption event. He fondly recalled the moment, emphasizing Dodger’s energetic and loving nature, expressing that Dodger was meant to be a part of his life.

Moreover, Evans has previously collaborated with the dog food brand Jinx, featuring Dodger in a limited-edition DreamBox. As an investor and spokesperson for Jinx, he pledged a year’s worth of dog food for any dog adopted from the event.

Beyond his advocacy for animals, Evans shared exciting personal news – he married Portuguese actress Alba Baptista on September 9, 2023. Their private at-home ceremony took place on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Evans, during New York Comic Con 2023, discussed the wedding’s planning challenges but expressed joy in the post-wedding phase, relishing life and embracing his favorite season, autumn, while reflecting on their journey together.