‘Children were carrying other injured children’: eyewitness describes the horrific bombing on Jabaliya refugee camp by Israel


An airstrike by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the densely populated Jabaliya refugee camp has left catastrophic damage and has claimed lives of large number of people, as said by the eyewitnesses and the local medics.

The devastation, which was brought by the strike, triggered a fresh groundswell of grief over spiraling civilian casualties, as Gazans awoke to another communications blackout Wednesday morning.

“I was waiting in line to buy bread when suddenly and without any prior warning seven to eight missiles fell,” an eyewitness, Mohammad Ibrahim, told CNN. He added that it felt like the end of the world as there were seven to eight huge holes in the ground, filled with killed people with their body parts all over the place.


According to statement by IDF, they have targeted and killed Ibrahim Biari, whom it described as one of the key Hamas commander responsible for the October 7 attacks. However, Hamas has strongly denied presence of any of their leader in Jabaliya refugee camp.

Another eyewitness Mohammad Al Aswad described the “horrific scene”, as he shares that he ran to the refugee camp to check on his family.

“Children were carrying other injured children and running, with grey dust filling the air. Bodies were hanging on the rubble, many of them unrecognised,” said Al Aswad to CNN.