Chicago Fire Fans’ Ultimate Showdown: Taylor Kinney vs. Jesse Spencer!


“Chicago Fire” follows the lives of firefighters, where Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer, notably, garner more attention and adoration than their co-stars, especially among fans.

Taylor Kinney portrays Kelly Severide, a compassionate fire captain whose romantic escapades defined his character until his marriage to Stella Kidd in Season 10. Although Kinney briefly departed the show, he later returned. Jesse Spencer, who left after Season 10, played Matthew Casey, a fire captain across two firehouses. Casey’s romantic journey started with tragedy after his fiancée, Hallie Thomas, passed away due to fire-related injuries.

Despite their characters’ intricate storylines, fans have developed a deep affection for the actors behind these complex roles. In a 2019 YouTube video, Kinney and Spencer amusedly read some of their fans’ most provocative tweets. One fan’s comment particularly stood out, expressing trust in Severide’s integrity. Kinney, slipping into character, humorously added a daring twist, exclaiming, “‘Cause I’ll rip it out!”


In a poll conducted by Nicki Swift, readers were asked to choose their favorite “Chicago Fire” hunk between Kinney and Spencer. The majority of the nearly 200 fans polled on Facebook overwhelmingly favored Taylor Kinney’s portrayal of Kelly Severide. Comments leaned heavily toward Kinney, with fans expressing a clear preference for his character.

Taylor Kinney’s popularity even landed him a spot in People’s 2022 Sexiest Men Alive roundup, alongside co-star Joe Minoso. Minoso, who plays Joe Cruz, jokingly revealed how Kinney’s presence impacts their crew, suggesting that everyone addresses Kinney’s character, Severide, in a slow, sultry voice on set. Kinney humorously agreed, proclaiming their collective sex appeal, while Minoso remained less convinced about similar treatment for his character, Cruz.