Chase Chrisley’s Speedy Public Debut with New Girlfriend Following Broken Engagement


Chase Chrisley, known from “Chrisley Knows Best,” experienced a highly publicized relationship journey with Emmy Medders that culminated in a grand proposal at a baseball stadium in Tennessee in October 2022. After expressing his desire to spend his life with Medders, their relationship faced an unfortunate end nine months later, marked by a breakup announcement on Instagram.

Soon after the split, Chrisley embraced a new romantic chapter with Jodi Laine Fournerat, whom he went Instagram-official with four months post-breakup. Although he hasn’t showcased their relationship on his social media, Fournerat shared a picture of them together, with a caption expressing her happiness. Chrisley responded to her post with a simple white heart emoji. Despite the apparent speed of this new relationship following his broken engagement, sources close to Chrisley shared that he and Fournerat are taking things slowly, prioritizing getting to know each other and enjoying their time together.

While Chrisley’s relationship status transitioned publicly with Fournerat, his new girlfriend maintains an active presence on Instagram. Her profile suggests she works as a traveling surgical technician based in New Orleans. Additionally, she has shared content indicating her support for former President Trump, wearing a MAGA cap in one post. This aspect of her identity has generated diverse reactions from social media followers, with some expressing support and others voicing contrasting opinions about Chrisley’s choice.


As the public observes this new relationship, opinions remain divided among fans, with discussions ranging from supportive remarks to critiques regarding the direction of Chrisley’s romantic life after his previous engagement.