Celine Dion’s Sister Reveals Singer’s Struggle: ‘She Doesn’t Have Control Over Her Muscles


Celine Dion, the renowned singer-songwriter known for her powerhouse vocals, continues to grapple with Stiff-Person Syndrome, a rare neurological disease, and is facing additional struggles beyond the spotlight. Her sister, Claudette Dion, shared an update emphasizing the challenges Celine faces due to this condition, which has affected her muscles’ control, leaving her unable to manage them as she once did.

Claudette expressed Celine’s enduring desire to return to the stage, despite uncertainties about her ability to do so due to the impact of this syndrome on her vocal cords and heart muscles. The family’s charity, Fondation Maman Dion, has received overwhelming support and prayers from fans worldwide who are concerned about the rare and relatively less understood illness affecting Celine.

Earlier this year, Celine Dion canceled all Courage World Tour dates through 2024 after revealing her diagnosis and the profound impact on her mobility and singing abilities. She apologized to fans, acknowledging the difficulty of postponing shows repeatedly and stated her commitment to regaining strength and performing again in the future.


Claudette described her sister as a strong woman relentlessly striving to recover from the illness, highlighting the limited knowledge surrounding Stiff-Person Syndrome and its debilitating symptoms, including uncontrollable spasms affecting various muscles.

Stiff-Person Syndrome, as described by the National Organization for Rare Disorders, causes progressive muscle stiffness and painful spasms, fluctuating in severity and potentially impacting a person’s ability to walk and carry out daily tasks. While the exact cause remains unknown, it’s believed to be an autoimmune disorder and can be associated with other autoimmune conditions.

The update from Claudette Dion sheds light on Celine’s ongoing battle and the challenges she faces due to Stiff-Person Syndrome, evoking an outpouring of support and admiration from fans for the singer’s resilience and character despite her health struggles.