Ceasefire plan in Gaza squashes as Israel intensifies strikes


On Monday, hopes for ceasefire in Gaza, to allow the foreign passport holder to leave the besieged Palestine enclave and aid to be brought in, were dashed as Israeli bombardments intensified ahead of an expected ground invasion.

Residents of Gaza, which is currently by Hamas, said that overnight bombarding were the heaviest yet in nine days of the conflict. Many houses were flattened and the death toll rose inexorably.

Diplomatic efforts are underway to get humanitarian aid into the enclave, which has been enduring relentless bombarding from Israel, post the attack by Hamas militants on October 7. The surprise attack on Israel claimed lives of at least 1,300, making it the deadliest day in the past 50 years.


Israel has imposed a complete blockade and is preparing for ground invasion to enter Gaza and eliminate Hamas, which has continued rockets attack on Israel since its brief cross-border assault. Israeli military including tanks and troops are already positioned on the southern border of Gaza.

Authorities in Gaza said that at least 2,750 people have been killed due to Israeli air strikes, a quarter of them are children, and nearly 100,000 have been wounded.