Cardi B Stands Against Candace Owens’ Call For Ban On Adult Content


Cardi B recently weighed in on the debate surrounding adult content, sparked by conservative commentator Candace Owens’ call to ban pornography. Owens’ assertion that pornography is a “psychological weapon” aimed at weakening men prompted Cardi B to voice her support for adult content in an Instagram comment on TMZ’s website.

The “WAP” singer expressed her view that there’s nothing inherently wrong with enjoying adult content occasionally, revealing that she personally indulges in it about six times a year. Cardi B emphasized that she doesn’t feel any strong connection or addiction to pornography, viewing it as a fleeting experience rather than a substitute for real intimacy.

Contrary to Owens’ stance, Cardi B suggested that adult content could serve as a source of education, teaching men how to please women. This perspective adds another layer to the ongoing debate over the societal impact of NSFW content.


However, Cardi B’s support for pornography didn’t go unchallenged. Some critics suggested that her past as a stripper influenced her stance, insinuating that she might have ulterior motives for advocating for adult content.

The discussion surrounding adult content isn’t limited to Cardi B’s comments. Rapper Kanye West also found himself embroiled in controversy after promoting his own porn site, sparking backlash from fans and prompting disappointment over his perceived departure from his Christian-themed “Jesus Is King” era.

Kanye’s involvement in the adult content industry, along with Cardi B’s stance, underscores the multifaceted nature of the ongoing debate surrounding NSFW content and its role in contemporary culture. As society grapples with evolving attitudes towards pornography, voices from various perspectives continue to contribute to the discourse, highlighting the complexities inherent in navigating this contentious issue.