Cardi B Opens Up: Misses Thanksgiving After Sleeping Through the Entire Day


Cardi B’s recent Instagram Live session revealed a quirky mishap during Thanksgiving. She confessed that she fell asleep and missed the entire holiday celebration while visiting her mother-in-law’s house. Despite having starved herself all day in anticipation of the Thanksgiving meal, she ended up sleeping through the event and only woke up after the entire affair had concluded. She humorously shared her story with her followers while displaying a plate of food she’d missed out on.

Earlier in the month, Cardi B announced a collaboration with Patti LaBelle, combining Whip Shots vodka whipped cream with Patti’s Good Life pies as part of the “Holiday Harmony” campaign. In a promotional video, Cardi and Patti are seen in the kitchen, playfully joking about the blend of flavors and trying out their new creation.

Patti LaBelle expressed her admiration for Cardi B during an interview with Tamron Hall, highlighting Cardi’s warm and welcoming personality during their collaboration. LaBelle praised Cardi’s genuine and kind-hearted nature, describing her as “the Baby Patti,” drawing parallels between them.


The Whip Shots x Good Life campaign will include six sitcom-style shorts featuring both Cardi B and Patti LaBelle, showcasing different combinations from their product lines, according to Billboard. This collaboration aims to bring together their respective brands for the holiday season.