Captain Sandy’s Ultimatum to Kyle Viljoen Unravels Drama on Below Deck


In the 10th episode of Season 8 of “Below Deck Mediterranean,” Captain Sandy Yawn confronted second steward Kyle Viljoen over his behavior and its impact on the crew. Yawn highlighted Viljoen’s struggles with managing his emotions and criticized his attitude, emphasizing that his conduct was unacceptable for someone aspiring to hold the position of Chief Steward.

The captain’s intervention was prompted by crew member Natalya Scudder’s departure, during which she revealed that Viljoen was involved in a heated altercation with Max Salvador, exhibiting aggressive behavior. Further investigation revealed instances where Viljoen had displayed bullying behavior, yelling at other crew members and creating tension among them. Yawn recognized this as a serious issue and warned Viljoen about the consequences, stating that any further complaints about his behavior would result in his dismissal from the Mustique.

Viljoen later took to social media to express his mental health struggles and the toll his career in yachting had taken on him. He mentioned the challenges he faced after being reprimanded by Captain Yawn while the cameras were rolling and hinted at considering quitting the show for the sake of his mental well-being.


However, despite the tense situation and Viljoen’s contemplation of leaving, he was not officially fired from the show. In a post on Instagram, Viljoen clarified that despite his initial thoughts of quitting, he ultimately chose to stay and work through the difficulties while being filmed for the show. He mentioned having conversations with Chief Steward Tumi Mhlongo about resigning but was persuaded by her to stay and finish the season.

Moreover, Viljoen and Natalya Scudder, who had a significant disagreement during the season, reconciled their friendship. Viljoen shared pictures of them together on social media, expressing relief at being friends again and looking forward to positive times ahead. Captain Sandy Yawn also commented on their post, expressing her support for their renewed friendship.

Ultimately, despite the tensions and conflicts depicted on the show, it appears that Kyle Viljoen remained part of the crew, completed the season, and managed to mend relationships with his fellow crew members.