Captain Marvel’s Reign Threatened: Rumors Suggest Brie Larson’s Strongest Avenger Title to Be Usurped in Upcoming Project


The Marvels, despite our hopes for a triumphant return for Captain Marvel, faced a disappointing reception at the box office. However, while Carol Danvers may currently hold the mantle of the strongest Avenger, this dominance might not be eternal. Recent rumblings suggest a potential power shift in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), hinting at a future showdown between Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel and Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, with the spoiler being that Wanda emerges victorious.

The debate regarding the most powerful MCU hero has often revolved around Carol Danvers and Scarlet Witch due to their contrasting power sets—science versus magic. Historically, Marvel has positioned Captain Marvel as the more potent force. However, insider scoops, such as the one from MyTimeToShineHello, suggest a forthcoming confrontation between these two formidable characters, with Wanda reportedly triumphing over Carol.

This revelation might not come as a complete surprise, especially considering Wanda Maximoff’s effortless defeat of Maria Rambeau’s Captain Marvel from Earth-838 in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Yet, given that Larson’s Carol represents the prime variant of the character, the outcome of such a battle could have been uncertain. However, if these rumors hold true, it implies a different result.


The rumor doesn’t specify the project in which this anticipated battle might unfold. Still, Avengers: Secret Wars emerges as a probable contender. Considering Scarlet Witch’s official demise in the MCU post-Doctor Strange 2, her return would likely necessitate multiversal complexities.

Regarding Brie Larson’s future as Captain Marvel, The Marvels’ underwhelming performance has raised doubts about the existence of Captain Marvel 3. Despite this, indications suggest that Carol Danvers still has unfinished business in the MCU. Even if she were to face defeat against Scarlet Witch someday, Carol remains one of the franchise’s most formidable heroes, indicating that her narrative might continue to evolve. Counting her out entirely might be premature.