Captain Marvel came together with the X-Men in a tale that was ideal for the MCU!


In a 1981 comic book arc titled ‘By Friends — Betrayed,’ Captain Marvel, though traditionally associated with The Avengers, took a surprising turn by aligning herself with the X-Men, turning her back on her usual allies.

While the adaptation of this storyline into the MCU remains uncertain, it could serve as an intriguing sequel to The Marvels. The narrative unfolds when Spider-Woman rescues an unidentified woman from a perilous fall off the Golden Gate Bridge. This “Jane Doe” is later revealed to be Carol Danvers, who Immortus, a Marvel villain, sought to render untraceable following their confrontation.

As a result of the encounter, Carol falls into a coma, leaving her injuries and her assailant’s identity shrouded in mystery. Spider-Woman proposes seeking assistance from Professor X, who agrees to help. With his aid, Carol eventually awakens from her coma. Still in recovery at the X-Mansion, she receives a visit from the Avengers. However, she is incensed by their apparent disregard for the trauma she endured with Immortus and his son, Marcus.


This leads her to sever ties with The Avengers and opt to join forces with the X-Men.

Though the circumstances surrounding Carol’s alliance with the X-Men are markedly different from the lighter tone that the MCU is known for, it merits consideration for a live-action adaptation due to its portrayal of a narrative that unfortunately resonates with many.

The storyline involves a series of violations against Carol by Marcus. Initially, she is impregnated against her will and compelled to give birth to Marcus—essentially being used as a vessel. Subsequently, as Marcus rapidly reaches adulthood, he kidnaps her to Limbo and manipulates her into falling in love with him.

These egregious violations inflict deep trauma upon the character. However, in the comics, the other Avengers fail to fully grasp the severity of her ordeal or offer the kind of support she desperately needs. While the chain of events is undeniably bleak, it echoes experiences that many, especially women, can empathize with.

This narrative raises crucial awareness about issues pertaining to consent, rape culture, and the importance of supporting those in our midst. As contentious as the comic book arc may be, its on-screen portrayal, approached with the appropriate sensitivity, could further amplify awareness surrounding these critical issues.

Prior to her involvement in the MCU, Brie Larson garnered widespread acclaim for her performance in “Room,” a film lauded by critics as one of the standout movies of 2015. With this track record, there is no doubt that the actor would handle this storyline with the utmost care and skill.