Canada’s Real Estate Market Cools Down, but Confidence Remains Resilient


Canada’s real estate market has taken a turn towards cooling following the pandemic-driven surge, with initial 2023 data revealing the lowest home sales in 14 years, accompanied by a 3% month-over-month decrease in sales and an 18.3% year-over-year dip in prices, as reported by the Canadian Real Estate Association. However, despite the slowdown, Canadians continue to harbor strong faith in real estate’s investment potential. A recent survey across age groups highlighted that 35% of individuals aged 18 to 77 expect real estate to outshine other financial investments over the next decade, with an additional 25% anticipating at least equal performance.

Victor Whitmore, the co-founder of Precision Equity in Oklahoma, emphasizes that the resilience of real estate lies in its solid foundation, setting it apart from other investment avenues. Despite the confidence, a gap between positive sentiment and actual participation persists, largely due to the lower initial costs associated with stocks and bonds, easy access to savings accounts, and automated retirement funds.

To bridge this gap, strategic approaches come into play. Collaborating with experienced investors who contribute funds can be beneficial, particularly in joint ventures where partners divide responsibilities and capital. Another avenue is exploring real estate investment trusts (REITs) or forming syndicates to pool resources for collective property acquisition.


However, Whitmore advises investors to be cautious in their choices, especially in relation to syndication companies prioritizing fees over substantial returns. Overcoming knowledge barriers is also essential. Learning about financing options, recognizing promising deals, improving credit scores, and comprehending market dynamics are crucial steps.

Mentorship and educational programs offer solutions to these challenges. Whitmore’s initiative, Equity With Purpose, introduces a sponsorship program aimed at guiding individuals on wealth creation, investment strategies, and the pursuit of generational wealth. Overcoming these entry barriers is pivotal in harnessing the full potential of real estate investment and securing lasting financial prosperity.