Can you watch previous years’ Spotify Wrapped?


This piece highlights the excitement surrounding Spotify Wrapped, an annual event where Spotify users share their favorite songs and artists from the past year. As people eagerly await their 2023 Wrapped, curiosity arises about accessing previous years’ Spotify Wrapped to relive cherished musical moments.

The article confirms that Spotify Wrapped can be revisited from 2016 onwards, enabling users to explore playlists featuring their top 100 tracks from each year. These playlists are readily accessible and can be saved to the user’s library for future listening enjoyment. However, it’s noted that while playlists can be accessed, the stories or summaries from those years are no longer available.

For those who missed previous Spotify Wrapped years but were active Spotify users during those times, the article provides direct links to each year’s Wrapped. These links redirect users to their respective Spotify Wrapped pages, allowing them to relive the music highlights of those specific years.


Additionally, the article mentions that each Wrapped page includes playlists featuring the hits from each year, offering a nostalgic trip through music history, from iconic tracks like Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” in 2016 to Bad Bunny’s “Tití me preguntó” in 2022.

Although Spotify no longer allows access to past stories, the article emphasizes the value of having playlists with users’ top tracks, making it a worthwhile and enjoyable experience to revisit musical memories from previous years while staying connected to the latest musical trends.

Ultimately, while users might miss the stories, the ability to replay and enjoy their top songs and artists from bygone years remains a cherished feature of Spotify Wrapped.