Cameron Diaz Opens Up About Early AIDS Activism and Personal Loss at LA LGBT Center Event


Cameron Diaz shared a poignant personal story during an Instagram Live appearance with the Los Angeles LGBT Center for Giving Tuesday, revealing how a family tragedy became a driving force in her advocacy for people affected by HIV/AIDS. She recounted the heartbreaking experience of her dad’s cousin, one of the early victims of AIDS in the 1980s, living in San Francisco. Witnessing her parents’ journey to be with him during his final days left a lasting impression on Diaz. At that time, AIDS treatment was non-existent, instilling fear and uncertainty in everyone.

This personal connection spurred Diaz’s involvement as an early supporter of AIDS Project Los Angeles. She highlighted her deep bond with the LGBTQ community, stemming from an inherent connection to creativity. Growing up in the transformative era of the ’80s, Diaz recognized the pivotal moment for the LGBTQ community to assert their visibility and demand recognition. Her commitment to the cause stemmed from a desire to support those suffering from AIDS, sparking a collective rallying cry for solidarity and assistance.

In the same conversation, Gwyneth Paltrow, reminiscing about her childhood surrounded by her mother’s Broadway connections, recalled the vibrant presence of gay men in her home. This upbringing shielded her from the misconceptions and prejudices against being gay, creating an atmosphere where she saw no issue with people’s sexual orientation. She expressed shock upon discovering societal biases against homosexuality as she grew older.


Paltrow also reflected on her exposure to the struggles faced by trans women of color through her husband’s involvement in the production of “Pose.” She emphasized the importance of understanding and accepting the trans community, debunking misconceptions and advocating for inclusivity and respect.

Sharing a touching personal anecdote, Paltrow recounted her trainer’s journey of coming out as transgender. Witnessing the profound transformation and newfound peace in her trainer’s spirit moved her deeply, reinforcing the significance of embracing people’s choices and supporting their path to self-realization.

The Instagram Live session, moderated by the center’s Phillip Picardi, featured “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star Katya, who announced her current venture into writing a children’s book, adding a creative and positive element to the conversation about acceptance and diversity.